• Quality is woven into the fabric of our working processes at all levels.
  • We consider it to be a goal that has to be achieved at all costs and cannot be negotiated.
  • A quality oriented approach ensures that our products are created to meet the customers’ needs and specifications. We understand that quality is the key to customer satisfaction.

Our Approach:

  • Our team strictly adheres to the prescribed standards such as ADA, CMS, APA, MLA TINCAN API, SCORM (1.2) 2004 and Section 508.
  • We plan and control the activities at all the levels of production. Our QA team analyses the product at its different stages of creation. Errors that are identified are promptly addressed and documented to prevent their recurrence. A deliverable is considered fit for delivery only after it clears all our quality checks.


  • During our orientation program for the new employees, we lay emphasis on ‘meeting the quality standards’ for all our deliverables.
  • We carry out continual assessment of the employees’ performances so that there are no lags and a smooth alignment of all the processes can be maintained.
  • Our work environment has a culture of teamwork, ownership and responsibility that facilitates high quality processes and output.
  • Suggestions and reflections are encouraged from all spheres by us to bring further improvement in our deliverables.
  • We keep ourselves in track of the latest developments in technology to discover or reinvent ways to enhance and improve the quality of our work.