Our Story & Work

With the fast moving business world, it is not only vital to achieve the desired business outcomes but also to make them cost effective. The offshore services act like an extended taskforce for the business and by utilising different time zones, increase the overall productivity of any business model. Moreover, with consumerism at its peak, the help desk services have become a prime need for any business. Our offshore support is seamless, preemptive and proactive.

Our offshore services include MIS Reporting, Help Desk Support and Offshore Delivery Centre.

Need of This Service

  • Often a company is unable to handle all the aspects of its business internally as it might lack the expertise or has more pressing matters to attend. How can it focus on its core business processes?
  • Some processes are temporary and do not require in-house professionals to perform the tasks. How can an organisation escape from this burden?

Ways We Provide this Service

  • We have excellent facilities and a dedicated workforce to handle and execute outsourced projects from a broad range of domains with maximum efficacy and speed.
  • Our team with different set of skills save the clients’ time by responding to their needs in a proficient and quick manner without compromising on the quality.

Our MIS services are used to evaluate various business processes and operations such as daily activities, problems arising during day-to-day working, business decisions made and tracking of overall progress. Our team collects information, makes reports and then sends them to the key members of the client’s organisation.

Our help desk is a single point of contact for end users to gain assistance in troubleshooting, get answers to questions and resolve known issues. It encompasses problem management, change management, incident management, contract management, PO management, asset management and report management across different business verticals. Our help desk support to the customers is done through various channels such as toll-free numbers, websites and emails. Our team has experience in using tools like bigzilla, manage-engine, JIRA and Mantis.

We give turnkey solutions for setting up a dedicated offshore delivery centre, starting from arranging office premises, helping with infrastructure and doing the hiring to setting up delivery processes and managing all operations. We have the expertise and the relevant experience across multiple domains/verticals to set up a dedicated ODC. 

Our basic steps towards ODC creation include:

  • Estimate the monthly budget
  • Provide model to build the team – involves hiring
  • Map requirements with talent experts
  • Plan infrastructure
  • Setup:
    • Knowledge transfer session(s)
    • Communication protocol
    • Workflows
    • Management systems

Our service levels also include:

  • Infrastructure maintenance & upkeep
  • Cost analysis & review
  • All HR activities
  • Project management & delivery
  • All finance activities

Why KontentEdge?

Our transparency, reliability, trustworthiness, experience, and quality combined with our technical knowhow enables us to furnish an optimal and prompt service for our clients.

Process Workflow

Help Desk Support - Email

We provide online assistance to companies/agencies that are unable to handle the traffic of emails and/or online queries put forth by the end-clients. We intercept the emails and respond to them accordingly to provide the much needed assistance to our clients.

Help Desk Support - Phone

We provide telephonic support to various agencies that require assistance with handling end-client queries. The calls are routed to our diligent support staff that handle all queries forwarded to them and get back to the clients with assistance. The entire process is closely monitored and reports are created for the same.

MIS Reporting

We are a competent team of experienced taskforce which can evaluate various business processes and operations across multiple domains. We predominately work on status reports related to finance, warehouse and logistics. We collect information, make reports and send the reports to the key members of the organisation. We adhere to SLAs and other corresponding industry standards to provide services to our clients.