Our Work & Story

With the advent of smart phones and other handheld devices, it is imperative that online courses are available all the time to the learners, irrespective of their devices and places. This made us venture into responsive courses and mobile apps, and we proudly declare to have mastered the skills set required to develop such learning material.

Mobile Learning Advantages

  • Higher engagement rate is ensured when courses are delivered using the mobile format.
  • Multi-device support is one of the most significant benefits of mobile learning in education.
  • Learning can be presented in small chunks of information on mobile devices.

Mobile Learning/eLearning Limitations

  • It reinforces knowledge already conveyed through classroom training.
  • It lacks in providing performance support to employees at the time of need, which they require due to the increasing complexity of jobs.

Why KontentEdge?

We at KontentEdge develop state-of-the-art mobile learning solutions, customised to provide company-specific solutions.
We develop custom mobile apps as well as mobile-based learning solutions with the latest technology, including HTML5, responsive design, native and web-based mLearning apps, etc.

Process Workflow