Modern manufacturing is a complex domain where productivity and efficiency are strongly affected by a broad range of factors such as site location, cultural values, management decisions and communication capabilities.

We have helped various companies in their manufacturing process through our eLearning modules. Our content solution is visually attractive and we avoid excess of textual content keeping in mind the target audience which in this space are mostly blue collared employees.

Major challenges across the manufacturing domain include:

  • Safety & Security – The safety guidelines have to be designed and developed for each and every step involved in manufacturing
  • Productivity – The productivity measuring parameters are quite stringent 
  • Quality – Various standards/compliances have to be met
  • Support from the Sales Team – This is required across all the products

Our approach aims to provide a consistent and coherent environment for knowledge exploration in the manufacturing domain. It encompasses knowledge acquisition and knowledge visualisation techniques.

We have extensively adopted visualisation techniques in the manufacturing domain to display and illustrate different processes and simulations (based on data models) for decision making purposes. These have proved to be essential in communicating information efficiently to the end-users.

We have used Autodesk’s 3ds Max3 and Maya4 (used in modelling of product designs, animations & virtual environments)

We often come up with a semantic knowledge dashboard for users by quickly gathering a broad insight of their datasets

Our knowhow on manufacturing includes:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Part Inventory Control
  • Production Planning
  • Dealer Management
  • Invoicing/Payment
  • CRM
  • Supply Chain Management