Our Work & Story

A close connection with children can only be established if their likes and dislikes are understood. Only then, their needs, spirit, learning demands and curriculum can be in accord with each other. We have always believed in creating what the learners find interesting rather than what the facilitators like. After all, a child yearns to learn more through creativity and zest rather than traditional approaches.

Need of this Service

  • Nowadays, education is focused on a student-centric approach. The students are not mere passive learners but need to have an active role in their learning process. How to deal with this shift in focus?
  • With the rapid advance in technology, digital resources are available at the tip of the fingers. How do we utilise these to benefit early education and to get a positive impact on a child’s learning and development?

Ways We Provide this Service

  • The wide range of interactive games and activities specially designed for children, with careful attention given to each learner's unique strengths, needs and interests, keep the young learners motivated, engaged and actively involved.
  • The innovative and challenging digital resources facilitate learning, improve critical thinking and stimulate curiosity in children from an early age. They enhance the children’s abilities in problem-solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Why KontentEdge?

We believe that every child has a unique way of learning. All children deserve a high-quality education to help them thrive in school and ultimately in their careers. We have a pool of subject matter experts who are highly qualified with many years of teaching experience in different subjects. Our digital resources for learning are created in a way befitting the age, need, interest and attention span of the learners. We have created books on all subjects that contain the requisite learning material needed to add value to a child’s learning. Facilitator guides comprising lesson plans related to the chapters and exercises in the book too have been made to help the teachers. We have a passion for moulding young minds the proper way and our K12 program promises to do the same.