Our Work & Story

We are very enthusiastic about eLearning, having seen the evolution of ILTs into WBTs and then finally into self-paced online courses. We have evolved with the trends and have honed our skills to match with the growing demands of eLearning.

eLearning Advantages

  • eLearning saves development time by converting the existing training material into different formats (PPTs or Word documents).
  • It makes courses easily accessible, anywhere, anytime.
  • It helps to make Flash/legacy courses responsive, interactive, compatible and intuitive so that they meet the need of every learner.

Traditional Classroom Training limitations

  • Classroom training is dependent on the trainers' performance and their emotional state.
  • It is limited to a certain place, time and number of people.
  • Different learners have different learning styles and capabilities but traditional training is irresponsive to the learners' needs. It caters to the group as a whole and hence, often fails in engaging all the learners.

Why KontentEdge?

Our team is a perfect blend of trainers, editors, learning experts, subject matter experts and instructional designers. We understand the need of the learner, be it K12, corporates or universities. Hence, we are able to analyse the content and then develop eLearning modules that are engaging for the learners.

To develop engaging, interactive and instructionally sound eLearning content, we use the following experiential skills:

  • Keen eye to visual aesthetics
  • Cognitive pedagogical perspective
  • Content authoring capabilities
  • Sound know-how of paradigms required for bit sized learning content

Our services encompass storyboarding, creating content outlines for eLearning courses, digitising content, converting eBooks and making SCORM compliant packages. We are proficient in using content authoring tools such as Captivate, Camtasia, AfterEffect and Articulate for developing eLearning content.

Process Workflow