• Designing is a crucial stage in the life cycle of a project where the its key elements are identified and an effective and reasonable framework is provided to it.
  • A realistic and achievable project design sets the tone for smooth implementation and successful completion of the project.

Design Process:

  • We initiate the design creation process promptly after acceptance of a proposal.
  • We take a design brief directly from the client and the SME to understand their requirements.
  • We ensure that skilled and trained personnel are involved in the design creation process.
  • We distil all the inputs and incorporate innovative ideas to come up with a suitable design as per the elements, audience, goals and budget of the project.
  • We present the design document to the client, make changes as per their feedback and move forward only after approval from them.
  • We share the design with the entire team so that all are in tune and the final pieces of the design fit seamlessly together.
  • We ensure that the final product meets the standards and guidelines envisioned for the product at the beginning.

Design Documents:

  • Both high level designs and low level designs are created according to the domain area and the requirement of the projects.
  • A design document is made specific to a project keeping in view the various elements of the project which have to be integrated together to form a congruent whole.
  • The design documents include blueprints for books and assessments, lesson plans for K-12 and session plans for Skill Ed.