Our Work & Story

Language barriers often divide people and build a communication gap, which is why understanding a learner's need to enroll for a course in her/his native language is important. We make certain only proficient language translators are given the task of translating the books to ensure appropriate word and grammar usage.

Challenges without Translations

  • Native speakers get trained at centralised locations, while the training of non-native speakers in their own language and region is often a lengthy process.
  • Communication gaps may arise in manual dissemination. This leads to inconsistent training, understanding and application of content.
  • Knowledge retention can be low if the learner is not comfortable learning in English.
  • Companies and businesses which operate across multiple countries often need to share and receive information from different global offices and branches across the world.

Solutions Offered by Translations

  • Translating an eLearning course into the desired languages is a quick and effective process. Employees across the globe are then able to receive the training simultaneously.
  • Standardising the eLearning course and translating it into various languages ensures consistency.
  • Having courses and training resources in the learners’ native languages massively increases the retention rates.
  • Information shared globally needs to be translated into a locally preferred language so that everyone involved is informed and understands.

Process Workflow