Our Work & Story

We have been developing courses over a long period of time, and hence are well acquainted with the needs of the clients even before designing the courses. Once a course has been successfully designed and approved by the client, our stringent processes ensure a smooth work flow till the final course delivery.

Need of this service

  • A new software or technology has come into the market. How do we learn it?
  • A new training or course needs to be developed on an existing skill which varies as per the experience of the participant. How does one course cater to different levels?

Ways We Provide This Service

  • We develop courses (participant handbooks, trainer guides, lab guides and build manuals) and trainings using varied tools and technologies.
  • We develop adaptive courses. We also develop courses based on different levels of expertise, such as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Why KontentEdge?

The challenge is to develop a comprehensive learning solution that blends with the latest learning methodologies and technologies. We are upbeat in developing turnkey solutions for content development projects, following a collaborative approach for our clients and giving them a cost-efficient model of development. We analyse the client requirements based on the latest technologies in the market and evaluate the need for creation of content as per the audience profile and course duration. In this ever-evolving world, where new technologies are being developed at lightning speed, we support clients by enabling trainers and participants to undergo a fruitful training and learning session.