Our Work & Story

We strongly believe that just like the glass slippers had only fit Cinderella, a course needs to fit a specific client. Every client needs a course or training that has been customised as per their audience and organisational needs. Customising courses and books to meet the clients' demands is one of our honed expertise.

Conventional Learning

  • Simple ILTs and WBTs enable learning that is facilitated by a trainer. But what happens if you cannot attend these trainings or courses at specific times and need to do these at your own pace?
  • If a learner doesn’t complete a training, then what? Typically, WBTs have 50% completion rate.
  • What if a learner has an advanced knowledge of a concept and other learners don't? Or, what if a learner is not able to understand a concept and needs more explanation?
  • How can trainers convert their notes and other training materials into a format suitable for online learning?

Content Customisation

  • We at KontentEdge are proficient in converting traditional ILTs and WBTs into customised eLearning modules/courses based on the learners' needs; thus, reducing the cost of developing the course from scratch.
  • We use strategies such as legacy conversion and forced navigation to ensure that the completion rate for a course is above 90%.
  • With adaptive learning, courses can be developed to provide additional learning strategies and content if a learner wants to learn a concept differently. Moreover, the learners can choose the mode of learning from three levels–Basic, Intermediate and Advance, based on their existing knowledge of a concept.
  • Our skilled team of IDs convert SME notes and training materials into engaging online courses and customise them as per the audience level and need.

Why KontentEdge?

The team at KontentEdge skillfully customises and restructures the content using varied ID strategies and methodologies to help in developing online courses that are adaptive and meet the learners' needs.
Our content customisation approach ensures that the content is:

  • Instructionally sound
  • Structured well
  • Visually appealing and engaging
  • Interactive

Before customising the content, we ensure that the source content meets the audience needs, is comprehensive and complete as per the requirements and has no gaps. We customise the following materials:

  • ILT to vILT (CBT or WBT)
  • Books into WBTs or eBooks
  • Student guides, trainer/facilitator guides and lab guides into WBTs or online courses
  • Lab guides into simulations
  • PPTs into marketing videos
  • Brochures into videos
  • Concepts into animations (K12)

Process Workflow