Our Work & Story

To assess learners on their knowledge, pre and post course, has been one of the traditional learning mechanics that will never wear out. Being experts in course development, we understand the audience level, their skills, their knowledge and the assessment medium to develop assessment items, ranging from K12 to higher education.

Psychometric Assessments

  • These include assessments containing aptitude and IQ questions for both entry-level and experienced learners of corporate sector.
  • Hands-on and role play questions help to understand problems in real life situations, assist in the analysis of the problems and guide in applying the knowledge/experience to arrive at solutions.

Application Assessments

  • These include outcome based scenarios that help the learners in applying their knowledge to find solutions.
  • These involve appllying the given facts, analysing the situation, evaluating the data and then synthesising the output – Bloom’s taxonomy is used.

Why KontentEdge?

We create assessment items not for the subject you have learnt but for the knowledge that you have gained and retained from the course or from your experience.

Our test items test your understanding of the subject, at practical as well as conceptual level.Our experienced team, proficient in their field, create test items for psychometric and application based assessments.

We create both formative and summative assessment items as well as interview questions, quizzes, training assessment items and course-end tests.

Process Workflow