Our Work & Story

Having developed books that were to be published and printed, we soon realised the need of publishing books online. Today, learners need to have books that are easily accessible and have other features such as quick search, Alt texts, references, catalogue and other such elements that save time and give much more to the learners than a plain printed book can.

Need for Alt-text

  • In case images supporting a website, e-book or any other content are not displayed, how do the learners come to know what the images are about?
  • In case of differently abled learners, how do they come to know what image is displayed for a specific content?

How This Need Is Addressed

  • We create Alt text for images which describe, not explain, what is shown in the image, taking care that the description is not a reiteration of the explanation or the caption.
  • We describe the images, taking care not to explicitly mention colours, sizes or anything which can only be visually distinguished.

Why KontentEdge?

We at KontentEdge have experienced IDs and editors who are well-versed with ADA and other standards for writing Alt text.

Process Workflow